Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l Canister



a sustainable socio-ecological project!

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“ANTA Bio Olive Oil” differs from all other olive oils on the market because it combines
the following properties:
  • BIO – Certified Organic Product
  • Certified Protected Geographical Indication of the production area: Zakynthos island, Greece.
  • Highest quality, extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold-pressed
  • Higher Oleocanthal levels than average (a type of natural phenolic compound with anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Unmistakable aroma 
  • Distinctive taste – First a touch of Mediterranean bitterness, then mild.
  • A high density olive oil with a vivid green color.
  • Unfiltered – Very hard to find but increases nutritional value and proves that the oil is fresh from the most recent harvest!
  • Unmixed – Directly from each farmer. The respective farmer is named on the can or canister. With “ANTA Bio Olive Oil” you directly support small organic farmers to remain certified by paying a fair price.
  • Supports nature conservation projects

On Zakynthos there is a marine national park dedicated to the protection of Mediterranean coastal ecosystems. These ecosystems are home to sea turtles and monk seals. With your purchase of “ANTA bio olive oil” a project in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos is supported and with it the survival of these incredible creatures.


A cost analysis showing that 68% of the retail price goes towards the social-ecological projects.

“ANTA bio olive oil” opens up the possibility of acquiring first-class pure olive oil and thus supporting the smallest organic farmers. This project contributes to the preservation of small agricultural ecosystems and endangered habitats of sea turtles and monk seals.



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