Nature Conservation, Sustainable Action, Nature Resonance

In a world of many bearings ANTAconcept is trying to keep a personal guard where small action can have meaningful effect. So in any action taken – sustainable meaningful living is the aim. Besides sourcing and selling organic products, ANTA initiates and supports various Social – Ecological projects. Protecting wildlife ecosystems and organic farming are two ANTA actions that care for the earth’s epidermis and support Nature conservation.

ANTAconcept is preparing a summer of “networking and inspiration” – this year’s theme.

Using the resources available in money and people, ANTA initiates, organizes and carries out actions mainly in the field of public awareness and active conservation-protection in farming.

There are the activities carried out with farmers and relevant institutions that promote organic farming and the preservation of old varieties going extinct. From workshops to radio and TV broadcasts, exchange seminars and farming activities such as tree planting and harvesting. (put in links to every word)

Nature conservation actions are carried out throughout the year with volunteer projects on Zakynthos and Kea. On Zakynthos there is a National Marine Park in which ANTA has been a contributing force since its founding. ANTA collaborates with other organizations and there are more projects waiting to be started, besides the various ones running at any given time

ANTA project is joined by volunteers in the summer months to help solve issues arising in the nesting area of endangered sea turtles. With local stakeholders and volunteer groups, NGOs, local authorities and media, conservation issues are brought to light and discussed, reported etc. 

One such collaboration is SaMo. The Sand Movement arose in the summer of 2019, when it became apparent that legally protected sand dunes (perceived as the heart of the island) were being destroyed, with virtually no opposition as authorities turned a blind eye. This movement consists of Zakynthian citizens who excel in their respective fields of expertise and apply them to Nature Conservation. What connects them is a desire to improve conditions and protect the natural treasures on the island and beyond, to share valuable knowledge to create effective action networks.

Environmental education is the fun part. Preventing damage is the hardest. Yet we have dared and succeeded in stopping the destruction of valuable habitats.

Unfortunately, this is a time when the corruption of the authorities but also the disintegration of the Marine National Park authority lead to anarchy.  During the first lock down, the current government quietly and quickly implemented a new environmental law directive that legally pushed Greece back around 70 years. With regard to national parks, it has actually dissolved the responsible authorities and wanted to replace them with a few local officials. Guarding would no longer be done by trained guards, but police and port police officers who are not informed and constantly changing.

We found ourselves having to stop a storm of illegality in summer 2020. With the use of lawyers and a close cooperation with the Mayor of Zakynthos we have been able to successfully stop the destruction to this day. It was a serious threat of sand dune destruction, coastal destruction involving road and swimming pool construction.

In 2021 ANTA Nature Resonance and Nature Conservation project is on course and will continue meaningful action in the protected area. Our network of local and national NGOs with ANTA will continue to ensure that dogs disturbing the sea turtle nesting behavior will be removed from the beaches and put in suitable living conditions. Illegal intrusions in the protected species habitat will be reported. In the same way public awareness and education will continue. On the island of Kea the tending of the land to preserve, plant and grow rare almond species is at its work, contributing to future harvests more suitable to the increasingly arid climate conditions.