ANTA Projects available for funding:
  1. TV Spot Series
  2. Sponsor dog sterilisation in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos

    You can support this project either by contacting Ada Vlachoutsikou

    Tel: +43.664 5058948


    or by contacting one of the rescue shelters ANTA works with.

    Healing Paws Animal Rescue
    ZAWFZante Strays

  3. Sponsor saving ancient olive trees

    Contact Ada Vlachoutsikou
    Tel: +43.664 5058948E-Mail:
  4. Sponsor Sustainable Farming
    Exchange program of young farmersPromotion of organic farming
  5. Sponsor the promotion of Dagara Art & Culture in Burkina schools

  6. Adressing Genital Mutilation through art in Burkina Faso schools
  7. Understanding reconciliation processes in Burkina Faso

To sponsor any or all of these endeavors contact ANTA.