For dogs and sea turtles on Zakynthos, ANTAconcept offers a campaign that combines enjoyment and environmental protection.

You can

  • become a sponsor with a donation
  • or donate via a purchase of ANTA locally produced unfiltered organic olive oil
  • or offer volunteer work and spend unforgettable vacations on the island
  • or adopt a dog


It is well known that wild and free-living dogs are a problem on the Greek islands. In the past, a significant number of dogs were caught, tagged and neutered or a place to stay was found for them. This prevented an uncontrolled increase in the dog population while allowing the animals to go on with their lives. Now, however, in the absence of financial means, the dog population is growing exponentially.



Unfortunately, there is an additional problem on Zakynthos: The dogs rob the turtles’ nests of eggs. So by helping to sterilize dogs on Zakynthos, you are also helping the highly endangered sea turtles to repopulate.


I have therefore decided to help these dogs as part of the “Help PLUS” campaign and have entered into cooperation with local groups and animal welfare organizations for that purpose.

A dog can be spayed /neutered for €210. Please help to prevent the cruel deaths of sea turtles and young dogs by financing the gentler way.

  What happens to your donation?


AmountShare Used for Dog Rescue0.75 litre can of olive oilShipping Cost
€30€121 can€4.44
€50€202 cans€4.44
€100€285 cans€5.64
€150€507 cans€8.39
€200€858 cans€8.39

(the above reflects prices from 2016. if you are interested, contact us!)

Of course, with every order you will receive a certificate that confirms the donation and the purpose. With this certificate, this campaign is also very suitable as a gift idea.

Account number – Helping Greece AT062027200000601039, BIC SPZWAT21XXX.

Please clearly state your name and shipping address and accompany the transfer with an email to


You can support this project by contacting Ada Vlachoutsikou

Tel: +43.664 5058948