What are “Mythological Constellations”?

The Greek Dimitris Stavropoulos and Dina Kamba, who have been researching Greek myths at the Bert Hellinger Greek Institute for Systemic Constellations in Athens for years, have systematically “read through” the epics, myths and tragedies of antiquity and were able to identify archetypal entanglements of the family system and reveal large systems (states, cultures, religions, genders, etc.)

The ancient Greeks already knew these basic patterns and used them in poetry and in the theater. Even the ancient theater aimed at solving entanglements and healing. It worked with sympathy (methexis) and catharsis (clarification of the soul) to connect the audience with the hidden order. Thus the ancient theater can be seen as the forerunner of modern constellations.

“Mythological constellations” show the constraints of fate that are imposed on us in communities of fate, and “the possible scope for changing fate becomes clear, which ultimately leads to the acceptance of fate” (D. Stavropoulos). We recognize in the tragedies that the tragic arises through rebellion against fate: This is clearly demonstrated in Oedipus, who becomes a parricide precisely because of his rebellion against the fate prophesied by the oracle in Delphi. What would have happened if he had accepted his fate?

In the “soul’s movement,” solutions emerge that the representatives go through. In antiquity, the solution was punishment or atonement through divine intervention. In Mythological Constellations we experience completely new dimensions of the solution when hidden orders of love and spirit come to light and allow us to look into the depths of our existence. We encounter fate, deities, family, war, man, woman, couple, the hero, birth and death. We solve and heal ourselves through acceptance. We also experience ourselves embedded in these movements, each with our individual fates.

For mythological constellations a new method has been developed that corresponds to the general validity of myths: It is the “group resonance method,” in which at the beginning of the constellation only a few substitutes are set up for the main characters who begin to act. Gradually, more and more participants are “called” by the soul field, so that the archetypal soul movement can develop in its own way, independent of the leaders (possibly also completely independent of the traditional mythology). It becomes noticeable how the field of deployment has expanded beyond the initial deputies. Many participants are captured and drawn into the movement as strongly as the deputies are used to in family constellations.


It is particularly interesting who is called to which position. The archetypal soul field

seems to call to those whose individual topic is in resonance, like everyone else. 

Experience described: I myself was present when the Iliad and Odyssey were drawn up and

was suddenly called out by “war.” I couldn’t refuse. Any resistance was futile and tearing up, I entered the war, feeling like a city that with alliance obligations has to enter the war – with all the pain that came with it.

I was the victim and perpetrator at the same time and walked down the corridor as if to battle. First I was depressed. My strength grew when Odysseus ‘courage strengthened me and then the goddess too. Justice made me feel the hidden love behind the perpetrator / victim drama. Without exactly knowing how it happened, something changed inside me: after I got through the

war, dancing love also inspired me. I was “compassion”, a protective tree for those seeking shelter. When the “war” came before me again, it was terrifying. Lost power. This list put me in a

healing mode and showed me where I can find strength for a solution: not judging courageous men, by the essence of righteousness that also does not judge, and by Love.

In this way, individual and archetypal topics are combined, set in motion and independently push for a solution. All seminar participants participate equally, are equally valued in the movement of the soul, solve “their” topic and experience the archetypal dimension in it, which goes beyond individual fate.


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