ANTA Raisin Production process

One of ANTAconcept Nature Conservation actions is to find and cultivate old almond varieties that have a unique aroma and require less water than those commonly grown, currently.

a sustainable socio-ecological project!

organic farming nature conservation


The Corinth raisins offered are a rapidly vanishing variety which has the highest nutritional quality and a unique aroma resulting in a divine tasting superfood.

ANTA Zante Currant is certified Organic, handpicked and sun-dried on the field with NO pesticides or preservatives at any of the processing stages. The Black Currant is small in size and ideal for cooking, for example, in cereals, couscous, minced meat and Christmas pudding.) In Holland they use them in “krentenbrood”

and “krentenbollen.” In the famous German Christmas cake Stolle, it was the originalraisin used as it was this Black Gold of Greece with which Greece paid off its debts in the 19th century. Using them as “Studentenfütter” mixing them with ANTA almonds it is a perfect snack providing all the nutrients one needs.

Hand-picking the grapes

Sun-drying on the field

Transportation: From the field to the processing unit of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Zante.

The stem is removed from the raisin


Return to the farmer’s house

Freezing instead of preservatives and pesticides

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