Family Constellation Training

FURTHER EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM – 2 years to become a “Systemic Constellation Leader”

Seminars and educational Units are currently conducted via Webinars.

Please contact Ada personally for more information.

Head: Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos
Sociologist-psychologist, systemic & family therapist EFTA (European Family Therapy Association), Helasyth (Hellenic Society for Systemic Therapy), ISCA (International Systemic Constellation Association; founding member). DGfS: Teaching therapist, head of a “recognized training course for system constellations (DGfS)”.

Brief curriculum vitae: born in Athens in 1942. Sociologist, psychologist, systemic and family therapist of the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association), internationally recognized family constellation, trainer and supervisor.
– Founder and director of the “Greek Bert Hellinger Institute for Systemic Constellations”. Studies and doctorate in sociology, philosophy and psychology in Munich.
– Trained as a therapist in Germany, has lived in his home city of Athens since 1978.
– Development of the “group resonance constellation method” and research, through myth constellations, of the ancient Greek archetypes for their therapeutic potential with completely new approaches to family, collective and trauma-related dynamics.

Assistant: Ada Vlachoutsikou, M.A. Nature Conservation. Graduated from the Greek Institute with recognition from Bert Hellinger. 

The Greek Institute offers all interested parties a 2-year further education program, which is recognized by the DGfS. This advanced training is based on general systemic thinking and systemic science and has as its content the theory and practice of families or systemic constellation work in all aspects of its methodology and practice. It’s important to note the innovations that have resulted from the work with mythological constellations and the healing power of the ancient Greek archetypes in the Greek Institute.

It’s about therapy, connection to the divine, namely to a higher than human level. Divine is understood here very broadly. In the archetypes, God presents himself as both perpetrator and healer, who advocates a paradoxical connection between victim and perpetrator, as a prerequisite for bilateral therapy. But the inner therapist who is supposed to take over the healing process is injured by what is hidden, excluded in the system.

Then the systemic conscience steps forward and restores wholeness. The excluded claim their place again through systemic representation or “entanglement” of offspring. The message of the divine and of the archetypes is: “the excluded in you, that is me.” This excluded divine, as well as the excluded perpetrators and victims, urge therapy to be taken into the heart, which paves the way for reconciliation among all.

Constellation work connects us with something bigger – the broad systemic field. We realize that there we are like cells of a hologram that allow the whole to be reproduced. This makes every constellation and the resulting therapeutic knowledge possible, as this program aims to convey.

The further training also aims at imparting and acquiring knowledge and a competence that enables anyone interested to apply the findings of constellation work in all areas of reality because it affects our perception, attitude and worldview. This applies above all to professional practice, but also to communication and everyday life.

The exact dates for further training can be found on the GEA Academy website.

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