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Located in Kaminia – Lithakia, Zakynthos, Greece, the property is surrounded by beautiful olive groves in the National Marine Park very close to the sea. ANTA House can be rented out as a whole, including the apartment upstairs and the studio downstairs. The 2 units can also be rented separately.  If bookings overlap in time, the visitors (groups) share the garden of the house. The garden is an olive grove of 4000m². This is fenced off, so you can have your dog with you and let it run freely in the garden. ANTA house is an ideal venue for seminars and events.

About the house: 

What makes ANTA House one of the outstanding places on the island is it’s relatively isolated location very close to a less frequented beach and with beautiful views from each of its windows and verandas. You can sit in your bed and enjoy watching the sea while still being in privacy, as neighbors are not close by.

The villa is a 250m² building build with simple natural materials. The doors and windows are wooden, the floors and bathrooms made of marble and ceramic. The wooden roof is also covered with traditional roof tiles. The furniture is hand made from natural materials. Altogether it has a simple, rustic look and feeling with lots of light.

The garden is kept with water resistant plants and as simple as possible. Thousand year old olive groves are cultivated in the area where one can enjoy beautiful walks under the trees and along the coastline. The settlement is at the edge of tourist development, therefore supermarkets, restaurants and beach bars are at a walking distance.
The Laganas tourist resort with night clubs and shopping area is about 25 minutes walking distance. Overall it’s a place suitable for nature lovers who like waking up and jumping into the sea.

About me:

I am a biologist, nature conservationist and councilor. I came to Zakynthos in the 80’s to identify the residing rare monk seal population. I dedicated myself to the establishment of the national marine park of Zakynthos, which was finally created in 1999.
I can offer guests lots of good off-track tips and alternative tourist activities, like guided tours in the national marine park and other areas of the island. I now live in Austria, where I sell Zakynthian olive oil to support a social-environmental project on the island.
Some of my favourite things to do on the island are taking walks and swimming.



About the neighbourhood:

The sea and beach are great for swimming and hanging out. The olive grove is fine for walks and bicycling. There are beach bars and restaurants close by. Places to rent cars, motorcycles and bicycles are also nearby. If one walks for 25 minutes, one can reach the Laganas tourist resort which offers all sorts of activities like bowling, dancing, horse riding, shopping and much more.



Prices and more:


To book or for any question regarding accommodation please contact the owner Ada at 0043 664 505 89 48 (also on Signal, What’s App, Viber).

Tourism License Number: MHTE0428K92000425701



Our sustainable Practices 

Energy sustainable Practices : Generally the whole management of the premises is based on the principle of the less is better, so the best way to save energy is not to have the things that consume energy. Therefore there is no air conditioning , the use of fans comes with extra charging. There are minimal electrical devices in the kitchen i.e a fridge and cooking stove that’s all. No coffee machines. no juicers, no toasters. The house and the constructions around the house are build with biodegradable materials. For example the windows are not aluminum but wood.

Organic Farming : The premises are situated within organically farmed land, certified by DIO  Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products (  The farm produces olive oil and is kept in the traditional small scale farm. There is a variety of fruit trees and a small vegetable flower garden. MUMU is our cow while cats and dogs live on the premises and they are a part of animal adoption programs. The garden is kept with water resistant plants and as simple as possible.

Water conservation : Although the space and the location of the premises demands a swimming pool according to the current mainstream tourists standards we have resisted to comply to a practice that leads the islands water resources to depletion. The plants in the premises are mediterranean plants adjusted to the mediterranean climate and need less water. The house has a big system where rain water is collected, this leads to the  needs of the house are almost covered by this water for the whole year. Visitors upon arrival are informed about the problem of water shortage in the area and encouraged to save water. For example under every faucet there is a bowl which is optional to use while washing to collect the water for flushing the toilet or watering the garden.

 Water treatment : Guests upon arrival are informed that they can instead of buying plastic bottles, they can drink the water from the faucet because filters are installed.

Waste water treatment : The waste water is treated by anaerobic bacterias to the point where it is completed clean and can be used for watering the garden.

Recycling: Guests can choose to recycle compost, plastic, metals and paper

Codes of environmental management practice : Guests have the opportunity to get professional advice on how to make the least environmental impact with their visit on Zakynthos island cost free