Travel in Search of the Archetypes

The 2024 schedule

“Travel and Search for the Archetypes” offers a series of seminars in ancient Hellenic sites and locations of historical importance .







These events, give the opportunity to combine travel with an inner journey to self-knowledge and self-awareness. It is a quest aimed at discovering the healing archetypes  within us and processes to activate them. This should be achieved through a respectful application of modern therapy. These approaches are combined with the corresponding ancient Greek conception and practice in order to enable a unique therapeutic experience for each of the travel participants.

The method
 combines systemic and archetypal constellations with spiritual-therapeutic guided tours to relevant ancient Greek sanctuaries. The tour is guided by Ada Vlachoutsikou and assisted by experienced staff. See Hellenic Family Constellations

Remarks: The seminar trips are a combined experience of self-awareness endeavors, education, getting to experience special views and places, swim in remote waters and enjoy good Greek cuisine. At least…


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