Robin Hood visits ANTA project on Zakynthos

Robin Hood starts an aid project on Zakynthos, Greece. Dogs that endanger the eggs and the baby turtles themselves , are castrated and placed in an adoption program by animal welfare organisations.







VERVERITSA is looking for a permanent home

1 year old female.  Large Dachshund size

For more information contact Robin Hood  (https://robinhood- or ANTA


Marion locker finding  a Shepherd dog on the beach while he was inspecting turtles nest


The  shepherd who owns the dog has been contacted and has agreed to prevent his dog to visit the beach as the nesting period is still going on. 


During Marion locker visit a serious issue was revealed the killer cats 

Cats kill Sea-Turtle Babies
It is a fact that cat predation on sea-turtle hatchlings is happening on Zakynthos “Protected” sea-turtle nesting beaches Kalamaki, Dafni, Gerakas
verified by:
– Archelon Sea-turtle Protection Society is responsible for the research on the sea turtles on nesting beaches of the National Marine
Park of Zakynthos; volunteers reported at least 5 nests opened up by cats this season
– ANTA Project recorded
o Numerous tracks of cats around hatching nests
o Tracks of the hatchlings never reaching the sea, indicating that a cat picked it up
o Brushing aside sand reveals cat prints on hatching nest
o Cats sniffing over hatching nest
– Hotel and restaurant staff working in businesses close to the beaches report the following:
o I saw a cat with a dead hatchling in her mouth coming from the beach and playing with it in the swimming pool area of the hotel.
o I have collected more than 30 dead hatchlings on the grass lawn of the hotel; cats bring them from the beach.
o I saw a cat at a hatching nest waiting till a hatchling comes out and then catching it.
o I saw cats many times coming with sea turtle hatchlings in their mouth from the beach and disappearing in the reef behind the beach.
This phenomenon is recorded in many areas including Laganas and Kalamaki, Daphni and Gerakas Beach but it is extreme and magnified on Kalamaki Beach  in front of the Crystal Hotel. In that area we have a rapidly growing population of cats because of daily feeding spots being established  right above the beach and because there is no sterilization going on. Unfortunately, none of the responsible bodies has done something until now. For the problem to be resolved, it has been brought to their attention again and they have promised to act.
ANTA initiative moves on, proposes, motivates, and acts, and is open to collaborating with whomever is willing to be responsible or just to help. So far on board and willing to help are local enterprise owners, animal lovers/feeders, the president of the community, foreign and local animal welfare organizations ( even the NMPZ guard stuff promised to do something: So what shall we do?

The following are proposed actions, and persons with ideas and willingness to act are welcome to join the effort independently or together.
What matters is to solve the issue.
Now that we are in hatching season the cats are on the move every day, and the endangered hatchlings are being killed.
1. Who wants to host cats until the breeding season of the sea-turtle is finished? This means until the end of October.
2. We are collecting funds to pay people for hosting cats until the breeding season is over.
3. Contact ANTA if you want to take a cat (adult or kittens are available).
4. Contact ANTA if you want to home a cat until sterilization is completed and permanent home found (adult or kittens are
available) or released again after end of breeding season.
5. We are collecting funds for sterilization.
6. We need cages to catch the cats. Who can help?
7. The animal lovers who feed cats, please move your feeding activities away from beaches.

I know that it is very difficult for cat lovers to find a solution, however we must be aware that when feeding of cats occurs without a sterilisation program in place, it increases the population of cats. Cats are hobby-killers, meaning they kill not only out of need for food, they also kill for fun and literally decimate wildlife population. Singing birds, lizards, snakes, and in our case the rare and endangered  sea turtle hatchlings are at risk.

So please let’s all get on board and try to solve the killer cats issue as soon as possible. Phone me and let me know how you can help!

0030 6945776501


The project has already started 

Tobias a three month old kitten was removed the beach and is in ANTA house.






Turtle track from adult turtle making a nest 



 Track of a sea turtle hatchling leaving to go to the sea 














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