ANTA Projects available for funding:

  1. TV Spot Series
    You can watch them here example:

  2. Sponsor dog sterilisation in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos
    You can support this project either by contactingAda VlachoutsikouTel: +43.664 5058948E-Mail: tatsuada@gmail.comor by contacting one of the rescue shelters ANTA works with.
    Healing Paws Animal Rescue
    Zante Strays
  3. Sponsor saving ancient olive trees

    Contact Ada Vlachoutsikou
    Tel: +43.664 5058948E-Mail:
  4. Sponsor Sustainable Farming
    Exchange program of young farmersPromotion of organic farming
  5. Sponsor the promotion of Dagara Art & Culture in Burkina schools
  6. Adressing Genital Mutilation through art in Burkina Faso schools
  7. Understanding reconciliation processes in Burkina Faso
To sponsor any or all of these endeavours contact:
Anta Vlachoutsicos
Neulerchenfelder Straße 34/17
1160 Wien
Tel: +43 664 5058948