Travel in Search of the Archetypes

Further training program in Systemic Constellations / 2017-18


Seminar / module: Travel to Greece and search for the archetypes

Time: Sat. 16 – Sat. 23 September 2017

Tour guide: Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos

Assistant: Mrs. Ada Vlachoutsikou

Travel organization: Ms. Myrto Koutra / Gr. Inst. Syst. Rising


The program “Travel and Search for the Archetypes” offers a trip to Greece, combined with an inner journey to self-knowledge and self-awareness. It is a quest aimed at discovering the healing archetypes that slumber within us. This should be achieved through a respectful application of modern therapy. These approaches are combined with the corresponding ancient Greek conception and practice in order to enable a unique therapeutic experience for each of the travel participants.

The method combines systemic and archetypal constellations with spiritual-therapeutic guided tours to relevant ancient Greek sanctuaries. The tour is guided by Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos and assisted by experienced staff.


Note: The daily routine below is intended as a guide. It can easily be modified to suit the ongoing needs and concerns of the participants.

Destinations: Athens – Epidaurus – Nauplion – Delphi

Preliminary Program:

1st day (Saturday):

Arrival at Athens international airport – transfer to Athens’ center – panoramic tour & guided tour  – check in at the hotel – rest – coffee – afternoon: get to know each other – lecture & discussion: “How can one benefit from modern and ancient Greek therapeutic approaches in relation to trauma?” – Dinner – Group session (2 hours) – Overnight stay in Athens.


2nd day (Sunday):

– Breakfast – 10.00 a.m. Visit to the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum- Spiritual tour: “The Secret and Timeless Message of Democracy – Human versus Divine Destiny” (2 hours)
– Lunch in the restaurant of the museum – Coffee and break – 4:00 p.m. “1st systemic constellation with the relevant ancient Greek archetypes”(2 hours) – Dinner – Discussion (1 hour)

– Overnight in Athens.


3rd day (Monday):

– Breakfast – 9.00 am departure from Athens to Epidaurus (126 km – 2 hours) – Visit to the sanctuary of Epidaurus, dedicated to the god of medicine Asklepios – Spiritual guidance as prayer to Asklepios to experience the healing effects (2 hours) – Visit to the Theater & the museum – departure from Epidaurus to Nafplio (36 km – 45 min.) – lunch – check in at the hotel – rest – coffee – lecture & discussion: ‘Therapeutic archetypes relevant to the visit’ (2 hours) – dinner – free time – Overnight in Nauplion.


4th day (Tuesday):

Breakfast – 10.00 am: 2nd systemic archetypal constellation: “Centaur Chiron / Therapist and Fighter / Incurably Injured Therapist / The Therapeutic Solution” (2 hours) – Lunch – Rest / Free time – Coffee – At 4:00 pm group session (2 hours) / – Dinner – Discussion (1 hour) – Free time – Overnight in Nauplion.


5th day (Wednesday):

Breakfast – 9.00 a.m. departure from Nauplion to Delphi (250km – 3½ hours) – check in at the hotel – lunch – rest – coffee – 4.00 p.m: Spiritual guidance – appeal to an oracle from the god Apollo (2½ hours) – dinner – 7.30 p.m: Lecture: “Therapeutic Archetypes – The Delphi Oracle ‘The Offender Will Heal (You)’ – The Mystical Connection of the Offender to the Victim and Meta-Traumatic Therapy” / 3rd systemic archetypal constellation: “Perpetrator / victim / trauma / healing / reparation / reconciliation” (2 hours) – free time – overnight stay in Delphi.


6th day (Thursday):

Breakfast – 9.30 a.m. Visit to the Delphi Museum – 11.30 a.m. Visit to Tholos in the Temple of the Goddess Athena Pronaia – Lunch – Rest – 5 p.m. Group session (2 hours) – Dinner – Discussion (1 hour) – Free time – Overnight in Delphi.


7th day (Friday):

Breakfast – free time for an adventure walk – 10.00 a.m. departure from Delphi to Athens (180 km – 2½ hours) – lunch – check in at the hotel – rest – 4.30 p.m. group meeting (2 hours) – dinner – discussion / recap / conclusions (1 hour) .) – Free time for entertainment – Overnight in Athens.


8th day (Saturday):

Breakfast – free time for shopping and walking – transfer to the airport.



There is an opportunity to stop during the journey to enjoy special views.

In summer you have the opportunity to take a break and swim in particularly beautiful places.

If necessary, the session continues while driving, with information, discussions, etc.