Burkina Faso with and without COVID-19



2014, after the fall of the dictator Blaise Compaoré, who had oppressed his people for almost 30 years, hopes of a better future arose in Burkina Faso. Unfortunately, not all things changed to the better then because terrorists increasingly poured into Burkina Faso.

There is evidence that the old government had bribed the Islamist warlords to keep them outside the country. No longer receiving these bribes after the successful national uprising, there were no reasons left for terrorists to spare out Burkina Faso because its military forces were not strong enough to be a real obstacle. This situation led to a series of terrorist attacks since 2015. More than 700.000 citizens had to flee their homes.

In late 2019 COVID-19 made bad things worse. In a country where it is common that women get up at 4 a.m. walking a lot of miles to fetch water for the day, it is almost impossible to set hygienic rules similar to those in more industrialised countries. Consequently, preventing the virus from spreading is very difficult. In April 2020 SAMDOL felt the urgent need to help his fellow citizen and created the shown collection in 20 days during a quarantine by choice. The meaning of every painting is linked to COVID-19 respectively to the history of Burkina Faso.

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