Pavlos Dikopoulos

Farmer Portrait: Pavlos Dikopoulos, Bioland

Our small farmer portrait series continues with one of the Greek leaders in Organic Farming as well as experience travel. In addition to producing some of the worlds most healing olive oil, Pavlos Dikopoulos’ farm offers:

“A journey through time on “Dikopoulos Bioland”. Through generations our family has been committed to producing high quality Oil and Wine. Pavlos Dikopoulos, having inherited this farm on the zakynthian hills, is devoted to producing Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and is as of now president of the association of Bio-Farmers in Zakynthos.”

The quality of Dikopoulos’ Zakynthian olive oil is world renowned scoring highest overall in the anti-inflammatory Oleocanth. The batches of oil with the most dense concentration of Oleocanth are sought as a miracle cure from debilitating diseases in the liver and brain, including Alzheimers.

Besides the medicinal uses of ANTA Bio Olive Oil, its overpowering aroma hints to the loving care with which it is made by the small family of workers.

Bioland also houses a beautiful stone villa in which guests can immerse themselves in the Greek country lifestyle in the midst of the olive trees, vineyards and a various fruit and vegetables.


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