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A few words about MEDASSET – The Mediterranean Association to

Save the Sea Turtles

mainlogo_engMEDASSET is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 1988, working for the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats throughout the Mediterranean through conservation and scientific research programmes, public awareness, environmental education, and lobbying decision-makers.
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Anta is committed to the protection of marine life and an active member of MEDASSET, assisting in the development of environmental education programmes and making presentations on marine biodiversity conservation.

Laganas Bay, Zakynthos: Can turtles and tourism mix?TS - original sml

Laganas Bay is situated on the southern section of the island of Zakynthos, Greece and is the host of the most important nesting beaches of the Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) within the Mediterranean.
As Zakynthos is one of Greece’s major tourist spots, the beaches around the west of the Bay have become unsuitable for nesting due to tourist disturbance and development. The nesting beaches are facing various threats mostly due to human induced factors.  Each year, boats are illegally entering the maritime zones killing several turtles in the bay and, tourists can be still found walking the beaches during the night. Available sand dunes for nesting have significantly reduced over the years. In the evening, noise from bars and lights, frighten and disorientate nesting turtles and hatchlings. A factor that cannot be ignored is the failure by the state, to somehow compensate local landowners affected by conservation legislation and as a result, a strong opposition to conservation efforts has occured. The images that follow are showing vividly the issues described above.
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What is MEDASSET doing about it?

With unrelenting campaigning, MEDASSET has brought attention to the situation in Laganas Bay. MEDASSET has been lobbying for the enforcement of protective legislation in Laganas Bay for the past 25 years, has repeatedly exposed the violations encountered and continues to make annual conservation status assessments of the beaches, which lead to yearly update reports to the European Commission and the Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention).  As a result of this, MEDASSET was instrumental in establishing the Zakynthos National Marine Park (ZNMP) on the 1st of December 1999.  The NMPZ belongs to the EU Natura 2000 Network and as of July 2006 has been recognized as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) for the Mediterranean bio-geographical region.

“You see the Difference. A Turtle Does Not”: A campaign to reduce marine litter

Plastic in our seas is killing thousands of sea turtles, sea birds and other marine life each year, as they often mistake it for food.  MEDASSET urges everyone to adopt habits that minimise the use of plastic. Consider using a reusable bag when shopping, avoid single-use plastic items, look for products and packaging made from renewable resources, choose products with the least plastic packaging and recycle what you can’t refuse.
With the support of many organisations and corporations from around the world, MEDASSET’s campaign “You see the Difference. A Turtle Does Not” has had global exposure and impact.  In June 2013, Berlin Tegel Airport also joined forces with MEDASSET and hosted a large Colorama in Terminal A.
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Supporting MEDASSET

You can find out how you can support MEDASSET directly by visiting www.medasset.org
You can also subscribe to MEDASSET’s newsletter, with the latest news on sea turtle conservation in the Mediterranean, activities and events by clicking here.

Olivenöl Daten

What is hidden to the human senses

3 oil tree garden 1

The olive trees of Zakynthos

On Zakynthos olive trees have been cultivated since antiquity, from which the finest quality of olive oil is produced. The trees of the varieties Zakynthian Lianolia and Koroneiki are partly older than 600 years. These varieties of olive trees, the characteristics of the soil in connection with the specific climatic conditions of the Mediterranean island, give this oil its unique characteristics: almost bitter at the beginning then mild – a unique aroma, dense texture and green color. The oil is cold pressed directly from olives using only mechanical methods. The processing temperature remains below 30 ° C throughout the entire processing process. This is essential for a good oil!

13 olive oil

So wird ein Öl erster Güteklasse gewonnen. ANTA bio Olivenöl wird ungefiltert abgefüllt. Das führt zu etwas Bodensatz dafür hat es einen höheren Nährwert, behält sein Aroma und seinen Geschmack.

Kostbares Oleocanthal 4 x höher als der Durchschnitt

Die neuen Erkenntnisse über ANTA Bio Olivenöl sind:

Oleocanthal  ist ein Phenol, das ausschließlich im Olivenöl vorkommt. Es ist bekannt für seine entzündungshemmende Wirkung. Das Öl von den Zakynthischen Olivenbäumen weist einen
Oleocanthal Wert auf, der um das 4-fache über dem weltweiten Durchschnitt liegt. Damit bekommt ANTA Bio Olivenöl wahrlich medizinischen Wert.

Bitte schaut Euch dazu das beiliegende Dokument an….

Also warum nicht einmal eine Olivenöl Kur ausprobieren um sich etwas Gutes zu tun.

Das Produkt ist biozertifiziert

Mit dem Kauf dieses Öles logo_organicunterstützt man griechische bio-Kleinstbauern:

  • Biologisch angebaut,
  • keine Pestizidspritzung,
  • keine Kunstdüngung,
  • keine künstliche Bewässerung!
  • Keine Anwendung von Lösungsmitteln.
  • Keine Raffination,EU_Organic_Logo_h195
  • kein Bleichen,
  • kein Desodorieren.
  • Keine Zusatzstoffe.
  • Gentechnikfrei

Und hier können Sie gerne den Qualitätsreport einsehen

Mit geschützte Geografische Angabede_IGP_4c

PDO garantiert die Herkunft der Oliven aus einem bestimmten Gebiet sowie die eindeutige Dokumentation und Definition des gesamten Produktionsprozesses.



Mit dem Kauf dieses Öles unterstützt man auch die Arbeit von ANTAconcept. ANTAconcept ist aktiv seit 1988 für den Schutz des Zakynthos Meeres Nationalparks.



Technisch gesehen

Energy: 824kcal / 3389kj
Fat: 91.6g thereof
– Saturated Fatty Acids: 15.3g (16.72%)
– Monounsaturated Fatty Acids: 69.3g (75.68%)
– Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: 7.0g (7.68 %) %)
Carbohydrates: 0.0g of
which Sugars : 0.0g
Protein: 0.0g
Salt: 0.0g




More about production costs of ANTA organic olive oil