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ANTAconcept is engaging in the promotion of regionalized networks based on sustainable use of resources and environment protection, with the conviction, that such networks can also be the framework for citizens to live through the financial crisis and be more resilient to the challenges it poses.

With the above in mind, ANTA Bio Olive Oil social ecological project created this year 2015 the Helping Greece Project, where anyone can contribute. The first funds received, of € 2.500, have been donated to the GreenWave Festival taking place this year from 17th until the 20th of September.

GreenWave Festival is an alternative “green” celebration organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki every year since 2011, in cooperation with other organizations and networks. GreenWave Festival aims at bringing people together and provides space and time for the exchange of views and ideas and the fostering of collaborations among those interested in alternative ways of solving social problems in accordance to environmental protection and social solidarity. At the same time the GreenWave Festival empowers participants to develop their creativity, self-organize events and contribute to a pleasant and educational environment.afisa-5o-gwf2015

It is realized thanks to the valuable contribution of members of the organization and friends who devote their time voluntarily to the planning, setting about and taking care of every single detail about all kind of issues during the event.

In addition, the program of the festival is shaped to a great degree by the supporting organizations, citizens’ initiatives and individuals who propose various discussions, screenings, workshops, happenings, exhibitions and many more. For example, the Network of Cooperative Enterprises of Central Makedonia will organize a public discussion on social economy. During the 4 days of the festival around 50 organizations among which 15 social cooperatives, will have the chance to inform the public about their work in various fields (environment, human rights, social entrepreneurship, veganism, pedestrians and cyclists rights, homelessness and poverty, volunteering etc) through their info kiosk.

There are also an increasing number of producers of biological agricultural products, or small eco-manufacturers, and craftsmen who participate in the eco-bazaar that takes place
as part of the GreenWave Festival every year. There is an ongoing serious effort on behalf of the organizers to evaluate the products/exhibits and activities of producers/manufacturers by setting certain environmental criteria.

The explosive situation only 70 km away from Thesssaloniki to the borders in Idomeni, could not go unnoticed by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki who has been collecting essentials for refugees and immigrants in its social point Oikopolis, preparing meals and transferring them to the borders with the help of volunteers and in coordination with other initiatives and the municipality. A green fiesta is no excuse not to continue on this path, thus there will be info and collection points during the GreenWave Festival where citizens will bring food, clothing, medicines and other essentials, get informed on how to get engaged and send a message to the people who fled their countries.

The ANTA Helping Greece project is encouraging you to support Oikopolis for further actions to compact the crisis.

Donations can be made to “Helping Greece”

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